Chasing Chase: He's transforming into a 2 year-old with a mind of his own and an attitude to match

CLEVELAND - I am watching Chase change right in front of my very own eyes. He says the word "no" at least a hundred times a day and never wants to eat at dinner time. He wants to eat at Chase time, which is usually and hour after the family has had dinner.

He used to go to bed so easily. It was a piece of cake. Now, instead of going to bed, he wants to play all night long. How about this for a visual: I walk into the kitchen and Chase is in the process of pulling out every single Tupperware lid and container, and throwing it on the floor.

I saw a white flash before my eyes and I thought I was going to lose it on the spot. Instead, I took a deep breath and calmly told Chase to stop this activity and help Mommy clean up. And you know what he said? "No!"

Have I entered the 2-zone? Will this behavior intensify? Is it possible for Chase to say yes? I guess only time will tell. But it's not all bad with Chase unplugged. He has mastered the use of our iPad, loves to sing his ABCs, he counts to 10 and he loves to dance. His smile still warms my heart and when he hugs me and gives me a sloppy kiss it makes my day.

Those moments are so wonderful but they are happening less frequently. Next month he will officially be 2 years old, but if you ask me, he's already there. So, I'm bracing myself for new adventures with Chase. The journey, I'm sure, will not be boring or uneventful. This kid wakes up on warp speed 10 everyday and I feel like I'm running on a quarter tank of gas trying to keep up with him.

Even the dog, Justin, is starting to take cover under the bed when he sees Chase coming. Justin is Chase's buddy, dance partner and playmate. But I think Justin escapes for a time out to catch his breath and some ZZZs.

This is going to be an interesting year in our household.

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