Chasing Chase: He's dressed to impress and ready for anything that requires him to keep it movin'

My little guy is really growing up. Chase gives me a bit of a struggle when it's time to get dressed for school, church or just a day out with Mommy. But I've noticed that once he has everything on, he instantly goes to the mirror and smiles at himself.  He doesn't like the process but he's obviously in love with the results.

He's also picked up another interesting habit. He wakes up and comes to me with a simple request, "Mommy, remote." Yep, those are the two words that wake me up every morning. Mommy remote. He gives me about 60 seconds to respond. Then I must prop him up in the bed next to me, turn on the Disney Channel and watch the first 5 minutes of whatever is on at that time. After 5 minutes he looks at me and says a word that we have translated to mean sippy cup. I won't even attempt to spell it. Chase is requesting his morning refreshment, milk or apple juice. And like a good mommy, I go get it and serve it to him in my bed while he kicks back and laughs with Mickey Mouse. Yes, I live in Chase's world.

Next, we have the morning musical. Mind you, these events take place before 9 o'clock in the morning. The musical consists of one or two songs. Chase takes his position by the towel rack in my bathroom and begins to belt out tunes. Songs like, Beyonce's Move Your Body,  Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, Me, Myself Away(it's really I Give Myself Away), and Kinkle, Kinkle Litttle Star.  He starts off in a moderate tone but then he gets louder and louder. When I try to sing with him he says "mommy no." Yes my feelings are hurt by his response, but I'm dealing with it.

Chase loves to move. He loves to move constantly. He runs and runs and runs. So I run and run and run. Just last week he woke up at 4am and never stopped moving until I drove him to daycare 6 hours later. It's in these moments that I've come to realize that Chase needs to go be with "his people'...The Toddler Nation. I have accepted the fact that I cannot hang with The Toddler Nation. They are faster and have more energy than I do. I am smart enough to know when I'm too pooped to play anymore. I wave the white flag, get my car keys and we're off!

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