Newly elected Ohio Gov. John Kasich announces JobsOhio

COLUMBUS, Ohio - On Thursday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Mike Duffey (R-Worthington), and Senate President Tom Niehaus (R- New Richmond) announced the creation of JobsOhio, a new, private sector jobs-creation agency which will ultimately replace Ohio’s current state-run economic development program.

Kasich’s team said that the old program is outdated and that JobsOhio will help revive Ohio’s economic development efforts.

“Jim Rhodes created the Department of Development to organize “Rhodes’ Raiders” in a more effective way, and it worked for a number of decades, but we’re to the point now where the Department, in many ways, has lost its focus. As a result of having too many things stuffed into that department, it clearly hasn’t been as effective or efficient as we would like.

What we’re doing here is taking that original model and letting loose our entrepreneurs to use their skills to end the siege Ohio is under. Everyday there’s another company approaching us to say another state is bidding to get them in. JobsOhio is an organization that is going to move at the speed of business and move at the speed needed in order for Ohio to be a job creator,” said Kasich in a press release.

According to Kasich’s office, the new legislation will include:

• Details of the governance and leadership of JobsOhio, which will be overseen by a 9 member board that includes the governor, who will be the chair. Board members will be appointed by the governor and serve four year terms. A chief investment officer appointed by the board will run the corporation.

• JobsOhio will start with a $1 million appropriation from the state and will be able to receive additional public and private funds, including state budget appropriations for Department of Development functions that would be contracted to JobsOhio.

• A focus on accountability and transparency, which will be an integral part of JobsOhio, from financial records and audits to the names and compensation of all employees.

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