Construction continues on Medical Mart and Convention Center

CLEVELAND - The texture of downtown Cleveland is changing quickly

Construction of the Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center (MMCC) is underway.  It began with the demolition of  the Ontario Parking Garage, the Chicago Title Building, and 113 St. Clair. 

Crews are also removing the surface area of Malls B and C.  Several feet of topsoil and all of the sidewalks have been removed, exposing the roof of the current convention center.  What  was once a park and community gathering place has been transformed into a construction zone filled with tractors, excavators, and  trailers.

More than 200 construction workers will call this place home during the next three years while building this Cleveland landmark.

As this deconstruction of the old winds down, the cornerstones of the new are being laid. Pre-core  drilling has begun for the caissons that will support  the new structures. Drillers have gone down more than 150 feet  to reach the solid bedrock  below the corner of  Ontario & St. Clair.  Work will continue throughout the winter.

Soon the old roofs will be removed to reveal vastness of this 1 million square foot  project.

According to , through the combination of the Medical Mart and its permanent show rooms, as well as an adjacent conference center, MMCC will be the world's only facility that totally serves the medical and health care industries.

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