Mayor Jackson recalls 20 more Cleveland police officers

20 more Cleveland cops to hit streets in January

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson announced Monday he will bring back 20 police officers in January 2012 that were lost to state-imposed budget cuts.

This is in addition to the 25 laid off officers who were sworn in Monday, ready to return to duty because of a community policing grant from the Department of Justice.

One-hundred-twenty-three police officers were laid off earlier this year to help close a gap in the city's budget after a cut in state funding. The addition of the 45 officers in the past four days, plus other restoration moves, brings the total of the returned force to 92.

Jackson's office says budget projections for 2012 includes an increase in tax and other revenue which will allow the early recall of these officers.

Jackson's office said this acceleration will "provide the resources the city needs to address increased activity downtown while maintaining the same level of service in our residential neighborhoods."

In addition to recalling police officers, Jackson's office says the increased revenue will also allow the restoration of other city services.

Those services include the re-opening of Cleveland recreation centers on Saturday, re-instatement of staffing to 26 playgrounds that went unstaffed during 2011 and the opening of city pools on Mondays and Tuesdays when the temperature is above 85 degrees.

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