Lake County man's premium vodka has Geauga County flavor

7 Brothers vodka is now available

LEROY TOWNSHIP, Ohio - When you think of premium vodka you may think of foreign lands, places like Finland, Holland, Russia, Poland, France or Sweden and now we can add Leroy Township, Ohio, to that list of vodka producers.

In a little red barn on a country road in Lake County, 7 Brothers Vodka is distilled, a dream that has become a reality for Kevin Suttman.

Kevin was working in the corporate world at a job that kept him on the road and away from his family. Two years ago, Kevin decided that there had to be a better way to earn a living, love his job and be close to his family, so he built a distillary with his own two hands and the help of many family members.

In his earlier years, Kevin and his six brothers loved to home brew beer and distill spirits. He fondly remembered those close family times and wanted to keep those feelings alive. 7 Brothers is the offspring of all those memories, producing a vodka that would distinguish itself in the crowded vodka market.

He came up with a unique low temperature distilling process that would allow the subtle flavors of his Ohio winter wheat and corn to come through to the tasters' palate. Smooth and sweet were Kevin's goals and local tastings have proved him right, as many local bars and restaurants are now serving 7 Brothers vodka.

You can find out more at 7 Brothers website or on their Facebook page.

7 Brothers is the only micro-distillary in northern Ohio. By using Ohio grains ground at Chesterland's Fowlers Mill along with Geauga County spring water, 7 Brothers has succeeded in its goal of producing a premium vodka that can stand up with the best that the world has to offer all while allowing Kevin Suttman to spend much more time with his family.

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