Kasich wants return to 5 Ohio snow days

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio's governor-elect has put more school calamity days on his agenda, after some lobbying that started at home.

Republican John Kasich says his 10-year-old daughter Reese brought up the issue, and he also has heard complaints from other children and parents about the cutback to three calamity days last year.

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland reduced the "snow days" from five as a way to ensure more classroom time for Ohio's students.

Kasich tells the Dayton Daily News he wants to switch back to five calamity days after he takes office, noting that Ohio has a climate that includes "bad weather."

After using three calamity days, schools must make up other days when classes are canceled by scheduling school during what would normally be vacation breaks.

State Sen. Tim Grendell was released a statement on Wednesday after the governor-elect's thoughts.

"The weather climate in the State of Ohio varies immensely throughout the winter season and the northeast part of the state particularly gets hit the hardest. As a continual supporter for educating the future generations of Ohioans, we need to help out schools districts that have the heavy, snowy weather conditions and not have them worry about the safety of their students and faculty. I look forward to sitting down and working with Governor-Elect Kasich and the leadership teams of both the House and Senate to make this happen."

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