iPhone app creator criticized for effect named after the N-word

CLEVELAND - UPDATE 6/14: Apple approved an update to the "Picture Effect Magic" app for iPhone on Tuesday that removes a racial slur from the apps' menu.

The app released is version 1.8.1, with a release date of June 14, 2011. In place of a color effect that was called "54 N****r-brown" in the previous version, the updated version only says "brown."

NewsChannel5 contacted Apple again on Tuesday seeking comment after no callback on Monday, and a representative said the company had no comment about the situation. The representative also would not say whether or not the fix for the app was pushed through quicker than usual due to the publicity.

The creator of an iPhone app used to manipulate and add effects to photos is under fire for using a racial slur in the name of a special effect.

The app, called "Picture Effect Magic," is available in a free and paid version in the Apple App Store. The latest version is 1.8 and has a post date of June 10, 2011.

In the list of possible photo effects is one called, "54 N****r-brown." In selecting this effect, it makes the image a brownish tint. In the list, it is near other similar effects that make the image purple, blue or warm.

A NewsChannel5 viewer brought this to our attention after downloading and using the app.

The author of the app is listed as "lin xuehua." This person issued statement at the top of page.

"Feel so sorry to have expression mistake,New version will coming soon(sic)," said the author.

Users were quick to point out the error, writing negative reviews about the app in the App Store.

"Wow. There really is an effect called ‘N****R BROWN.' Speechless…," wrote reviewer Poof7.

"I used this app all the time before the update, now there is an effect called n****r brown?! That is disgusting. That is unacceptable and the creators should be ashamed," wrote Reviewerofthemonth.

NewsChannel5 attempted to contact the app's creator, but the website listed for the author would not load.

NewsChannel5 also left a message with Apple, which approves all apps prior to being available in the App Store. We have not received a response as of the time of this posting.

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