Truck driver killed in I-480 bridge accident had history of license suspensions

CLEVELAND - The truck driver who died when his cab fell from the Valley View Bridge on Interstate 480 on Tuesday had a history of license suspensions.

A 5 On Your Side investigation into the driving history of 52-year-old Larry Cunningham revealed suspensions, speeding and convictions for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs dating back to 1998.

His most recent suspension for non-compliance ended in January 2009, according to records obtained from the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles.

Meanwhile, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records reveal the company that employedd Cunningham, Gray Container LLC of Cleveland, was inspected 19 times over the last two years. Records show the company's four listed vehicles were placed out of service on 15 of those occassions.

A company spokesperson said the inspections were routine, the repairs minor and Cunningham was described as an excellent driver who did not have any recent citations.

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