Thousands buying fireworks across Ohio in advance of Fourth of July must leave to launch

Ohio law permits sale only

CLEVELAND - Thousands are buying fireworks across Ohio in advance of Fourth of July but must promise to leave the state within 48 hours of purchase.

Ohio law permits the sale of fireworks from licensed fireworks dealers but consumers are warned its illegal to light them up anywhere in the state.

In fact, they are required to sign a release upon purchase.

Yet, every year, the law is ignored and sometimes at the expense of health and safety.


According to statistics obtained from the Ohio Fire Marshal's Office , six people were injured last year as a result of fireworks.

The state Marshals Office also report since 2005, a total of 34 injuries reported are fireworks related.

Also since 2005, 35 arrests have been made within the state for illegal fireworks. 

Monday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a new report that found fireworks were blamed for an estimate 11,400 injuries in 2013 and eight deaths across the country.

REPORT: 2013 Annual Fireworks Report

Meanwhile, a report issued by the National Fire Protection Association blames fireworks for an estimated 17,800 fires.

Safety warnings issued by the NFPA indicate that while water boils at 212 degrees and common sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees.

According to the Ohio Bar Association , consumers could face up to $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail for violating state fireworks laws.

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