Police dash cam video of Brooklyn Cracker Barrel shooting released

Gunshots heard from inside restaurant

BROOKLYN, Ohio - Police video of last April's deadly Cracker Barrel shooting has been released that reveals exactly what Brooklyn police found when they pulled up at the restaurant.

The dash cam video begins with an officer responding to a 911 call for help from 42-year-old Kate Allen who was inside the restaurant and reporting that her husband was outside.

Kevin Allen, 51, shot and killed his wife and two daughters minutes later.

The video shows an officer arriving at the scene, reporting that he spotted the suspect who went into the restaurant.

Inside, Kate Allen is on the phone with police dispatchers, asking for help.

"I need an officer," says Allen.

"My husband--I'm having some spouse problems and my husband is circling the restaurant."

A few seconds later she tells the dispatchers that she once saw shotgun shells and that her husband told her he got rid of his shotgun.

Kate Allen was on the phone with dispatchers for 3 minutes and 34 seconds before the line goes dead.

At the same time, a frightened store clerk is hiding under a counter calling police.

"I'm behind the counter--underneath," says the clerk.

A dispatchers assures her that police are right outside.

The video shows the officer surveying the scene outside and 1 minute 40 seconds later, gunshots are heard coming from inside the restaurant.

The officer immediately entered the restaurant after hearing the first gunshot.

In all, 8 gunshots can be heard from inside the restaurant.

In just 15 seconds, it was all over.

Last April, a security expert said police should have moved more quickly when they first arrived on the scene, but a review by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification found police followed the proper protocol.

Ron Regan is continuing to follow this story today. Keep checking newsnet5.com for more information.

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