Man threatened by fired Canton cop says he shouldn't get his job back

BREWSTER, Ohio - The Brewster man, who was was verbally abused and threatened with death by a former Canton police officer during a 2011 traffic stop, said the officer should not be allowed to rejoin the force.

William Bartlett, 53, told NewsChannel5 investigators that Daniel Harless is a "loose cannon" and could really hurt someone if he were allowed to return to his job during an interview Thursday.

An arbitrator ruled Sunday that Daniel Harless is eligible to get his job back, as long as he is cleared by a doctor, according to Canton officials.

Harless requested arbitration after he was fired by Canton Safety Director Thomas Ream in January.

A dashcam video of Harless berating Bartlett during a June 2011 traffic stop went viral last year. It showed Harless swearing at and threatening to kill Bartlett after he revealed he had concealed carry permit and a gun.

On the video, you hear Harless tell Bartlett: "I'm so close to caving in your God (expletive) head right now. You (expletive) with me. You're just a stupid human being."

Bartlett said the incident upset him for a long time and he said he completely avoids driving through Canton.

He said he also believes Harless should have faced criminal charges related to the traffic stop. He said any ordinary citizen who behaved the same way would be in jail.

As of Thurday afternoon, Harless had not requested to return to his job. His lawyer did not return our call about Harless' future plans.

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