Investigation uncovers federal probe into Ohio charter school tax dollars spent overseas

Money trail reveals jobs, immigration fees

CLEVELAND - An exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation has uncovered a money trail of Ohio tax dollars leading overseas that  paid for illegal immigration fees and expenses associated with charter schools across the state.

Our investigation also reveals that the U.S. Department of Labor is investigating one charter school located in Cleveland for its use of so-called "H1-B visas" issued by the U.S. government for "highly trained" employees to work in the United States.

An extensive review of financial audits uncovered that in one case, the cash was finding its way to Istanbul, Turkey, where nearly $600,000 is winding up paying for monthly rent for a charter school back in Dayton.

In another case, thousands of tax dollars were paid for immigration and legal fees that auditors found were illegal.

In some instances, auditors found cash went to individuals who were never employed at any of the schools.

The use of Ohio school tax dollars being spent overseas is raising concerns among leaders of an Ohio teachers union.

"When we know that Ohians need jobs, why would my taxpayer dollars be paying for foreign nationals, said Sue Taylor of the Ohio Federation of Teachers.

This NewsChannel5 exclusive investigation airs Monday at 11.

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