Interview videos of Cleveland police officers involved in Nov. 29 chase and shooting released

CLEVELAND - The Ohio Attorney General released more than two dozen videos of interviews with Cleveland police officers involved in a Nov. 29, 2012, high speed chase and shooting Friday.

The videos show officers being questioned about the incident by state investigators.

In some of the interviews, officers explain why they believed the suspects being pursued were armed dangerous.

Officers Alan Almeida and Vacile Nan initiated the chase. They told investigators they heard a gunshot when Timothy Russell's car drove by them outside the Cuyahoga County Justice Center.

"As the vehicle went by me, shots went off, but I know it was heard by other people, other than myself. The security guard... even she said, 'Hey they're shooting' so, and I know there were other units that heard it," said Almeida.

Investigators believe the car backfired.

Sgt. Patricia Coleman told investigators she thought she saw passenger Malissa Williams pointing a gun at police cars during the pursuit.

A few minutes later, she thought Williams was loading a gun.

"I say to Miranda (her partner), 'Oh my god, what is she doing?'... I go, 'And it looks like she's loading magazines to me.' And he says, 'She's doing something,'" said Coleman.

No gun was found in the car. Williams and driver Timothy Russell were killed in a shootout that ended the chase.

Twelve Cleveland police supervisors, including Coleman, face disciplinary charges for their actions during the chase.

Eight hearings were held this week. Four are scheduled for next week.

City officials said they expect release information about any disciplinary actions that will be taken in June.

Thirteen Cleveland police officers are under criminal investigation for their roles in the shooting.

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