How to save money on your prescription drug costs

CLEVELAND - If you are tired of paying too much money for your prescription drugs, NewsChannel5's investigators are here to help you. We did some research and found ways you can save money when you buy your medications.

1. Shop Around

Our investigators found prices can vary significantly between drugstores. For example, the out-of-pocket price for a 30-day supply of the top selling anti-depressant Abilify is $208 more at CVS than at Marc's. Pharmacist Tom Ohliger, who runs his family's drugstore, wasn't surprised by the price difference. He said consumers should call several pharmacies to find out which one offers the best deal on their prescriptions.

2. Talk To Your Doctor

Ohliger said his customers often talk to him about the financial challenges of paying for prescription drugs. But, at that point, there's only so much he can do. He said consumers should discuss financial dilemmas with their doctors. He said it's important to ask if there's a generic version or a cheaper equivalent of the drug you're being prescribed.

3. See If You Can Split It

Some prescription pills have almost the same price even when they contain twice as much medication, according to Ohliger. He said you can ask your doctor to prescribe twice the dosage you need, then split the pills in half. However, Ohliger, said you should check with your pharmacist to make sure splitting your pills is safe.

4.  Seek Out Help

There are numerous government programs that help people pay for their prescription drugs. For example, the Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program (OHDAP) helps low income Ohioans who are HIV positive pay for their prescriptions.  Ohio's Best Rx is a prescription drug discount card program that helps senior and low-income individuals. Your county health department also has information about state and local programs that may help you reduce your prescription drug costs.

5. Get Going on Google

The Internet can be a savvy shopper's best friend. Ohliger said that's also true when it comes to prescription drugs. He said consumers should search the Internet to compare prices. For example, lets you compare prices and order from online pharmacies.

To learn more about how prescription drug prices in northeast Ohio, watch NewsChannel5 at 11 p.m. on Friday, July 29. Our investigators will show you where you can get the best deals on best-selling prescription drugs.

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