Exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation prompts lawmakers, Ohio Attorney General action over tires

Aging tires can fail despite appearing brand new

COLUMBUS, Ohio - An exclusive 5 On Your Side investigation involving aging tires is prompting swift action by Ohio lawmakers and a consumer alert by Ohio's Attorney General.

State Senator Tom Patton introduced Senate Bill 289 that would require tire suppliers to inform consumers exactly when a tire was manufactured.

And Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine has issued a consumer alert warning consumers of the dangers associated with tire aging.

Our 5 On Your Side investigation revealed how tires are routinely sold across Ohio that appear to be brand new but often are years-old and can be be prone to catastrophic failure.

Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a leading auto safety group say tires older than six years should be replaced — regardless of tread life.

Both groups say rubber breaks down over time and can lead to tread separation.

Hundreds of injuries and deaths associated with tires consumers believed were new have been documented by safety advocates across the country.

Instead, some cases involved tires that were 15 years old.

"We want our roadways to be as safe and secure as possible," said Patton.

"This legislation simply makes sure all consumers know the age of the tires they are buying and the risk associated with older tires, regardless of road wear.."

"The truth is, tires degrade over time," said Dewine. "I think it would be a good idea, frankly, for the warnings we put out to include a warning about old tires."

A consumer alert on the Ohio Attorney General website warns "even if a tire looks new and has never been used, it could be several years old and more prone to failure."

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