Baseball Beer Test: Are you getting what you paid for?

CLEVELAND - For many fans, beer is one of the best things about attending a game at the ballpark.

"It's very important. I mean its part of the pastime," said Matt Lindsey, a Tribe fan.

So NewsChannel5 investigators went undercover at ballparks around Northeast Ohio to find out if fans are getting what they pay for when they buy beer.

Using a measuring cup to make sure our results were accurate, we bought every available size draft beer for sale at four local stadiums.

One reason for the test: Earlier this year, there was outrage in Idaho after a YouTube video surfaced showing the small and large beers at the Idaho Steelheads hockey game were the same size.

In the video, a fan pours his large beer into the smaller cup showing the large cup is not larger, just taller.

First, NewsChannel5 investigators tested the 16 oz. and 32 oz. beers at Canal Park Stadium in Akron, where the Akron Rubber Ducks play ball.

After carefully pouring the beers into our measuring cup, we found both were the exact size advertised.

Our next stop was All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, the home of the Lake Erie Crushers.

The stadium sells 20 oz. beers for $5 per beer.

We bought two beers, and after the foam evaporated, we found they were “right on the money,” measuring exactly 20 ounces.

We then went to Classic Park in Eastlake for a Lake County Captains game.

The stadium sells a 20 oz. and 32 oz. beer.

NewsChannel5 Investigators set up a spot to test both beers and found both measured a bit more than the size they were sold for at the concession stand.

Finally, we tested the Tribe.

At Progressive Field, the Cleveland Indians sell a 12 oz. draft beer for $4 and a 24 oz. beer for $10.

Kurt Schloss, the team’s Vice President of Concessions, is happy to talk about how their beer prices are the best value in Major League Baseball.

But are you really getting what you pay for?

We tested both the 12 oz. and 24 oz. beer and got a surprise.

The 12 oz. measured 14 oz. No such luck on the bigger beer. The 24 oz. beer measured exactly 24 oz.

"I want an honest value and so do our fans,” said Schloss.

"To have a 12 oz. beer be a 12 oz. beer. ... I mean that's the right thing to do and that's what we should be doing,” he said.

Our results were a relief to fans.

"That's awesome. Very good. Very good,” said Lindsey.

“I'd be pretty upset. Probably wouldn't buy a beer,” said Derrick Miles, a Tribe fan. “Eh, that's a lie. I'd probably buy a beer,” he said.