At least 8 women report being drugged on Put-In-Bay this summer

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio - At least eight women have reported being drugged at Put-In-Bay this summer since May, according to information obtained by NewsChannel5 Investigators.

There has also been an increase in reported rapes in Put-In-Bay, where the victim suspects they were also drugged, according to Ottawa County Sheriff's Detective Amanda Cross.

Cross said detectives have not been able to confirm any of the women were drugged.

Date rape drugs are metabolized by your body within 12 hours, she said. Many of the victims reported the incidents to police after the drugs would have left their systems.

Cross also said there are no suspects in any of the cases, except one case involving a woman who alleges she was drugged and raped by bartender at the popular bar Mr. Ed's. The case will go before a grand jury in August.

Cross said local law enforcement officers are concerned about the increase in reports involving date rape drugs.

She said they have conducted operations and surveillance, but that did not lead to any evidence or suspects.

The department has also distributed signs to local establishments that remind people to keep a close eye on their drinks.

Cross said it is important to be aware of your surroundings and report any crime to police as soon as possible.