International grocery store opening in Kent

KSU students will operate store

Kent, Ohio - College students often miss the comforts of home.

Home-cooked meals and special foods seem to be missed the most. It can be especially hard on students that are studying here from other parts of the world. That's where the brand new International Home Markets grocery store comes in.

"Internantional students are looking for things that they can find in their own country. Those kinds of things are hard to find in the United States," said Genia Kollie. Ginia is one of  four Kent State University students that operate the new grocery store.

With almost 1,400 KSU students studying here from all corners of the globe, Abdullah Alkhaddah, Nick Testa, Crystal King, and Genia Kollie thought there was an obvious need. Foods imported from China, Mexico, and Korea can be found on thier shelves. Customers are urged to put in any request for food items they may want. The folks at the International Home Markets will do all they can to fill your requests.

Genia's hope for the future is to expand onto other college campuses. "There's nothing like this at any other University. Our plan is to travel to other colleges with the same concept"

The International Home Markets grand opening is Saturday, Feb. 5. They are located at 154 East Main Street, in Kent, inside Acorn Alley.

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