I-X Center train show thrills thousands

CLEVELAND - If you stood close to the I-X Center this weekend you not only heard the choo-choo of a CSX or Norfolk Southern train rumbling down its tracks but there was plenty of rail activity inside also.

This weekend brought thousands of model train lovers to the International Exposition Center to see, hear, and for kids, even ride a motorized toy train.

The two-day event is called the World's Greatest Hobby On Tour Train Show and from what I witnessed, this was true. Every adult's eye and every child's mouth was held agape as hundreds of model trains, all different sizes, were rumbling, choo-chooing, whistling, and steaming through several courses throughout the vast venue.

Keen eyes stared at every locomotive's tiny roar or turn.

Passenger trains, commercial trains and old-style steam train replicas all were seen by train lovers of all ages and genders.

Many displays had elaborate scenes of countrysides, cities, valleys,and even running through mountains. It is estimated that 15,000 people attended Saturday.

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