Garfield Heights mayor announces extension of Transportation Blvd. to Rockside Road

Brighter but smelly future for Garfield Heights

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - The city of Garfield Heights is in fiscal emergency, so Friday's announcement to extend a road with the possibility of more to come has officials looking forward to a brighter economic future.

Transportation Boulevard runs from I-480 past City View shopping center and dead ends into a landfill. Mayor Collova announced Friday that the road will be extended all the way to Rockside Road, opening possibilities for further development.

The city had to cross many hurdles, including EPA regulations and securing funding. State Representative John Barnes (D-Cleveland) worked to create a public/private partnership that paved the way for funding from the state.

"This is going to bring business in where the tax burden dollars can be picked up by the businesses. This is huge for the city, it changes the entire complexion of the city," said Mayor Collova.

There is one more negative hurdle to cross. The contractors will have to remove 30,000 square yards of garbage, causing nasty smelling conditions for Garfield residents that could last about three months.

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