Former Akron Police Captain Douglas Prade turns himself in, ordered back to jail

Next court appearance April 4th

AKRON, Ohio - UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: Doug Prade is expected to be released again after he was granted a motion for a stay from the Ohio Supreme Court. FULL STORY

UPDATE 9 a.m.: Doug Prade was taken back into custody Thursday morning. His next court appearance will be Friday, April 4 at 10 a.m.

"I still care about Douglas," said Veronica Salver, Prade's once sister-in-law.  She sobbed in court telling reporters, " hurts [I] just want him to tell the truth.  It would've been over a long time ago."

Former Akron Police Captain Doug Prade, once convicted of the murder of Salver's sister and Prade's ex-wife Dr. Margo Prade, turned himself in without a fight Thursday morning at the Summit County Courthouse.

He had until 9 a.m. to turn himself in to officials or they threatened to take action with a warrant for his arrest.

After serving nearly 15 years for the murder, he was released last year over DNA evidence. For 13 months, Prade was a free man, until Ninth District Court of Appeals reversed the decision and ordered Prade back to court.

"I can't give you any kind of extensive comments on the opinion, except that we did think that the Ninth District applied the wrong standard of review," said Prade's attorney, Lisa Gates.

Gates described Prade as "stoic" upon entering the Summit County Courthouse Thursday.  Gates also asked Judge Christine Croce for Prade to be placed in protective custody.  Gates told the judge Prade has been receiving death threats since his release.

Judge Croce granted the protective custody request and set a next hearing for Friday, April 4th at 10 a.m.  The hearing is to discuss bond or whether Prade is even entitled to one.

Dreading the pain of what's to come for both sides of the family, Dr. Margo Prade's Nephew said they just want one questioned answered.

"Why...," said her nephew Anthony Fowler, "we loved you just like any other family would love somebody ... why."

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