Exact breakdown of Cleveland layoffs to be announced Monday

CLEVELAND - Due to state-imposed budget cuts, the city of Cleveland is laying off between 350 and 400 workers. The hardest hit departments will be fire and police.

For ten years John Conway has been a firefighter in Cleveland's busiest fire engine company at Harvard and Union. But a decade on the job will not be enough to save his job, if more than 27 firefighters are laid off Monday.

"There have already been some sleepless nights over this, the uncertainty, what's the summer going to be like, how long, how many affected the unknown," Conway said.

Up to 400 city workers from all departments will be laid off delaying garbage pick up, street repairs and building inspections. How recreation centers, parks and pools that serve Cleveland's youth will be affected this summer will be discussed during a news conference at city hall Monday.

"These are state-imposed budget cuts and It's an ugly time for people to be worried about their own personal lives and their families," said Martin Flask Safety, director for the city of Cleveland.

While police and fire unions worry response times will slow down with layoffs, Flask, who worked for many years as a Cleveland police officer, said police and fire chiefs will meet all weekend on a plan to keep Cleveland safe.

"The chiefs have a charter requirement to deploy safety resources effectively we know what's coming we have an estimate but there's a lot of last minute changes because of retirements and reassignments but by Monday morning we should have everything finalized," Flask told NewsChannel5's Paul Kiska.

Jason Salupo owns the popular West Park Station home of the famous Italian sandwich, a restaurant in Cleveland's West Park neighborhood, which is home to many police officers and firefighters.

"The restaurants and bars will feel the impact as well because we're a big cop and firefighters area so with everybody getting laid off at the same time when we're on an upswing well we see how that affects our economy," Salupo said.

Some fire stations will also close. All of the layoffs will take affect by the end of the month.

Dozens of police cadets graduate June 24, they'll be laid off the same day because of the state imposed budget cuts. Some of them could get hired back after others retire. However, after Cleveland trained the police cadets, they could end up looking for jobs in other city police departments.

The fire union was notified Thursday that the exact number of layoffs will be announced Monday.

Also on Thursday, 37 workers with Cleveland Municipal Court were received layoff notices.

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