Elyria girl dies after routine oral surgery

ELYRIA, Ohio - A 13-year-old Elyria girl passed away on Monday two weeks after a routine dental procedure.

Marissa Kingery, a middle school student at Eastern Heights, was rushed to the hospital after oral surgery and died two weeks later. She went in to have two teeth pulled and a third tooth worked on.

When Kingery’s friends and classmates at Eastern Heights Middle School came back from winter break, Kingery was missing from class. They were soon told she wasn’t ever coming back.

“They’ve been real quiet… A lot went through counseling and a lot of tears, of course,” said principal Dr. Kim Beneto.

Kingery’s family attorney said she was having oral surgery at Dr. Henry Mazarow’s office in Lorain on Dec. 21, when something happened. She was taken to the hospital and put on life support.

“You never think. You go in and have teeth removed and you wake up and go home,” Beneto said. Beneto was told the eighth grader died on Monday.

School officials said Kingery was well liked and made an impression on the other students.

Dr. Mazarow’s answering service said the office was closed on Wednesday. He did not return calls from ONN’s Cristin Severance to his home and no one answered when she knocked on the door on Wednesday.

The Ohio State Dental Board told ONN he has been practicing since 1956, he has a license to administer anesthesia and there are no disciplinary actions against him by the board.

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