Detroit Theatre in Lakewood closing doors for good Monday

Movie fans make one last trip to historic theatre

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - The marquee was bright and the lines long at the Detroit Theatre in Lakewood on Saturday night as movie-goers indulged in the popular weekend activity.

That is all about to change.

Monday the silver screen will go dark as the eighty-seven year old theatre at 16407 Detroit Avenue will close its doors for good.

Theatre owner Norman Barr told that the amenities movie-goers look for in a cinema have changed the industry.  Barr has decided to pursue other interests.

Peg and Jack Carey of Medina both grew up in Lakewood and watched movies at the theatre as kids.  They decided to come one last time Saturday night for old times sake.

"We used to come over to the theatre and see matinees," said Jack Carey.  "It was a neat childhood experience."

"It's still a nice neighborhood.  It's too bad things are closing up," said Peg Carey.  "I don't know where people will go to the show now in this neighborhood."

For ten-year projectionist Ed Kern and his fellow employees, this has been a tough weekend.

"We all feel really bad," said Kern.  "It has been open for eighty-seven years.  It's the last of its kind.  There will never be another theatre like this."

Sunday will be the last chance to experience a bit of movie history.  For more information on Sunday's showtimes log onto

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