Details of Cleveland layoffs expected Monday morning

350-400 layoffs expected

CLEVELAND - Up to 400 city of Cleveland workers from all departments will be laid off as a result of budget cuts, and details of those layoffs are expected to be announced on Monday .

Mayor Frank Jackson said the layoffs will include seasonal employees, part-time employees and permanent full-time employees.

"This is a state-imposed deficit, that amounts to state imposed layoffs," Jackson said.

The hardest hit departments are expected to be fire and police. Fire stations are expected to close, but the exact number isn't known. 

The current class of police academy cadets will be allowed to graduate but will immediately be laid off.  Steve Loomis, president of  the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association,  said the department is already working at a skeleton staff.

"It is violent and it is cold, I can't imagine what will happen when it heats up," Loomis said.

Lindsey Hobbs works in Cleveland and often works late, she is concerned about less police officers on the street.

"I always feel safe when I see cops drive by," Hobbs said.

So far, 37 workers with the Cleveland Municipal Court already received layoff notices. The layoffs are expected to take effect at the end of May.

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