Man dies after shot by Cleveland police officer

PARMA, Ohio - A Cleveland police officer shot and killed a man in Parma early Monday morning, according to the department.

Daniel Ficker, 27, of Cleveland, died after the shooting, according to the victim's mother Bernadette Rolen.

The shooting happened at Ficker's home on Pelham Drive and Wareham Drive, according to Parma police Captain Robert DeSimone.

Cleveland police said that officers went to the Parma home to investigate a burglary that occurred at an officer's home in the second district of Cleveland. During that investigation, DeSimone said that an altercation occurred and Ficker was shot.

Rolen said she does not believe her son was involved in a burglary. Ficker had two children.

Police have not released the name of the officer involved in the shooting.

The Parma Police Department Detective Bureau is conducting the investigation and will meet with the County Medical Examiner Tuesday morning.

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