Your Tweets and Facebook comments about the changes to Browns stadium

CLEVELAND - Today the Browns announced some changes being planned for FirstEnergy Stadium, including new score boards, video boards that are triple the size of the existing ones and  more seats in the lower sections.

But we wanted to know what you would like to see in the stadium.

Later tonight, some you pointed out the unusual shape of the big TV screens in the stadium.

Many of our Facebook followers asked about a new dome or retractable roof:

" Add a dome! Will pay for itself in a few years. Then we can host college bowl games and even the Super bowl. Revenue to the city would increase a great deal," wrote James.

And Pat: " would love to see a retractable roof! That would make it more appealing to attend a game during the cold weather months! "

But many scoffed at the idea: "Domes are for wusses real football is played in all weather conditions," wrote John.

On Twitter, followers had some different ideas:

Of course, there's always a hater or two:

Read all the comments on our Facebook posts below.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments, Tweet with #brownsstadium or tell us on Facebook.



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