YMCA of Greater Cleveland, Old Stone Church partner to form new preschool in downtown Cleveland

Preschool to open in September

CLEVELAND - The YMCA of Greater Cleveland and the Old Stone Church will partner to form a new preschool in downtown Cleveland. The preschool will be located in the Old Stone Center which is connected to the historic Old Stone Church.

Rev. Dr. Mark Giuliano, Senior Pastor of the Old Stone Church, said "part of the whole idea of having a preschool on Public Square was to encourage more people to live downtown or to stay downtown longer."

The school will serve 55 students Monday through Friday and is scheduled to open near the end of September. 

Rick Haase, vice president of marketing for the YMCA said the program will mainly serve parents with younger children.

"They would be 24 months to 5 years. It would be a comprehensive program for them including academics, music, art and some other components and some fun sprinkled in along the way because kids should have fun, and we're all about that."

The YMCA and the Old Stone Church are creating the new preschool program to respond to a growing residential population due to increased downtown development.

"If you work at Terminal Tower or at Key Tower, or 200 Public Square, or any of the other towers downtown," said Giuliano, "your child is just right in the neighborhood."

The preschool program is available to parents throughout Greater Cleveland but early registration will be offered first to downtown residents, members of the Old Stone Church and members of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland.

Additional information is available by contacting the YMCA of Greater Cleveland or the Old Stone Church.

Registration forms and enrollment packets can be found by clicking on the link posted below: http://www.clevelandymca.org/childcare/oldstonechurch.html

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