Woman searching for dog picked up by driver on I-77 in Cleveland, offering $200 reward

CLEVELAND - A woman is offering a reward for her dog that brought traffic to a standstill on Interstate 77 in Cleveland.

Brittany Trionfante posted on the WEWS Facebook page, and then contacted newsnet5.com looking for information on the whereabouts of her poodle, Princess.

She told us she will give a reward of $200 to whoever returns Princess home safely.

Trionfante and her mother Nina Sharp said the dog was in a fenced in yard yesterday. She dug a hole, escaped and ended up on the highway.

Drivers spotted the small white dog near the Pershing Avenue exit at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, and stopped to avoid hitting it.

NewsChannel5 producer Rachel Teron said she saw drivers jump out of their cars to help save it – and one driver eventually drove away with the dog, taking it to safety.

Sharp and Trionfante said the miniature poodle was a rescue dog that they nursed back to health.

"She is my baby and means everything to me," Trionfante said.

If you have the dog or any information on who does, contact NewsChannel5 at 216-431-3700.

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