Wish granted: 8-year-old Cleveland girl with cancer for third time gets to meet Justin Bieber

CLEVELAND - An 8-year-old Cleveland girl, who has cancer for the third time, had her biggest wish come true. She got to meet Justin Bieber this week.

Erin Catherine Potter got to meet the pop superstar in Chicago on Tuesday.

On Twitter, @Bieber4Potter wrote: "After all those nights of trying to get #bieber4potter and #biebsmeetserin trending, we finally got somewhere, erins wish comes true tonight."

Family members and strangers did everything they could to get the heartthrob's attention, from Facebook campaigns that garnered 18,000+ likes to tweeting like crazy. It all paid off.

"She squeezed him seven times!" a post on the Bieber 4 Potter Facebook page noted. "So happy for her! Bieber 4 Potter: accomplished!" wrote the family friend.

The family also thanked everyone for their prayers and to keep them coming for Erin as her battle with cancer continues.

Erin has been through more than most of us will experience in a lifetime. In 2007, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). In 2011, she came back to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital expecting to get a clean bill of health. Instead, Erin learned her cancer came back. More chemo and a successful bone marrow transplant from her sister, and Erin thought she was cancer-free. Sadly, the disease is back for the third time.

Despite the therapy taking a toll on the little girl's body, meeting Bieber gave Erin an added boost she hopes will kick the cancer away once and for all.

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