Whitney Houston's death brings calls for help at local recovery center

CLEVELAND - The death of Whitney Houston has brought a significant increase in the number of calls for help to the Women's Recovery Center in Cleveland. 

So far, Houston's official cause of death has not been released.  However, several prescription drugs, including the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, were found in the hotel room where she died.  It was also reported that Houston had been consuming alcohol in the days and hours prior to her death.

Women's Recovery Center executive director Mary Jane Chichester said the two can be a deadly combination.

"The number of deaths that have occurred as a result of prescription drugs has now increased far beyond the number of people dying every year in car crashes," she said.

Pamela had several close calls after mixing alcohol and prescription drugs before she made the call to the Women's Recovery Center ten months ago. 

"I passed out in my room," she said. "I still don't remember anything.  My dad took me to the hospital.  I blacked out several times from mixing medications."

Pamela's problems started when she was in a car accident and was prescribed pain medication for her injuries.  Like Houston, she was also taking Xanax, which she mixed with alcohol.

She hopes others who are still struggling with substance abuse will decide to seek help now.

"There's so many times that I really could have hurt myself. I really shouldn't even be alive to be honest," she said.

For information about the Women's Recovery Center and the services provided, log onto http://www.womensctr.org/

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