West Side Market up for $500,000 grant that could bring heat to facility

CLEVELAND - The West Side Market is up for a $500,000 grant — and that could mean much-requested heat could come to the Ohio City landmark.

NewsChannel5's Solutions Center responded to complaints that the market is not heated — even in the dead of winter, when, this year, Cleveland shoppers were wearing gloves and scarves to keep warm when temperatures dropped below zero outside.

Councilman Joe Cimperman told newsnet5.com earlier this month that he was seeking money to add heat to the market from the city's rainy day fund. But today, Ohio City, Inc., announced that the market is up for a $500,000 grant as part of the Ohio Capital Bill.

This bill has only just been introduced. Ohio City, Inc. noted that the money is part of a larger effort to secure funds for the facility's needs and enhancement, which includes the building's HVAC system. If the bill passes with the Market's share included, the dollars will be allocated.

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