Was it wrong for Cleveland officers to have snowball fight on duty? Viewers weigh in

Police caught on video in snowball fight

CLEVELAND - Is it a waste of tax pay dollars or just some cops having fun? That is the question arising from a video captured by a Cleveland resident showing police officers in his words, "horsing around."

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The video, recorded and posted on the Facebook page of Rob Gregory, shows Cleveland police officers engaging in a snowball fight while on duty. In the audio, Gregory said, "This is why we can't get no work done in Cleveland because this is what the police spend their time doing."

The video was recorded after midnight on Thursday. Gregory said he, "was awakened by a whole bunch of yelling in front of" his house. He said as he looked out of his window he saw five or six officers "in the middle of the street in a damn snowball fight."

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The video had gotten over 800 shares on his Facebook page, but has since been taken down. Mayor Frank Jackson's office responded to the video and said, "We've looked at the video. It looks like the officers were relieving a little stress with a snowball fight that lasted a very short time. We're not aware that it resulted in any harm or put anyone at risk."

We tried to get in contact with Gregory, but he did not respond to our request. So we went around and showed people the video to see how they felt. Was it wrong for the officers to play around while on duty or was it harmless?

"Oh that's cool, I got no problem with that," said Milo Collier, after watching the video. "I grew up in Cleveland. As a kid, we had snowball fights all our life." Another Cleveland resident did take issue, much the same way Gregory did.

"I thought it was very poor police work," Al Reese, a Cleveland resident, said. "They're throwing snowballs when they should be spending their time fighting crime."

At this point, It doesn't appear any discipline will come against the officers.

Do you think the snowball fight while on duty was out of line or just some fun stress relief? Weigh in with a comment below.

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