Want a Bentley? It could be yours for a starting bid of $55,000

CLEVELAND - If you are in the market for a mini van, SUV or even a Bentley, you may want to go to the Cleveland Division of Police auction on Saturday, March 15.

The auction takes place at Impound Lot #2 at 4300 Bradley Road, Cleveland, starting at 9 a.m.

Police are auctioning off vehicles that have been abandoned or forfeited to the city.

Some 57 vehicles will be auctioned, including a 2005 Bentley two-door CGT GT model with just 4,901 miles on it. Bidding for this vehicle will start at $55,000. Other vehicles include SUV's, mini vans, a Cadillac, Volvo, motorcycles and even ATV's.

Money generated from the sale of the forfeited vehicles will go to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund. That fund is used to buy items like personal body armor, on board mobile computers for patrol cars and to fund investigations. Monies from the sale of any abandoned vehicles will go to the general fund.

The impound lot will open at 8 a..m. for people to view the vehicles. All sales are final and none of the vehicles will come with a guarantee or warranty. There is a 10 percent cash down payment for the winning bid and the remainder must be paid within five days.



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