Virginia-based earthquake felt in Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND - A Virginia-based earthquake was felt in Northeast Ohio on Tuesday, causing some to voluntarily leave their office buildings in downtown Cleveland.

The quake happened just before 2 p.m. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 5.8 earthquake happened near Mineral, Va., and was felt in Washington, New York City, North Carolina.

In downtown Cleveland, the ground shook at the WEWS studios, causing lights to sway in the newsroom.

No damages or injuries were reported in the first minutes after the quake in central Ohio or statewide, said Kelly Blackwell, spokeswoman for the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

Our reporter, Dan Haggerty, in downtown Cleveland near Public Square earlier said it appeared buildings were being evacuated, but we've since learned that people voluntarily left the buildings and no official evacuation order was given.

WEB EXTRA: Click on the play button below to hear reaction from people as recorded by WAKR in Akron

Here are some reports from NewsChannel5 viewers:

"I'm from Sagamore Hills, Ohio and I was watching my favorite show on t.v. and all of a sudden the lounge chair I was sitting in started to move and the glass of milk I had on an end table next to me started to shake along with the table. At first I thought what the heck is going on, but when it didn't stop I thought "oh my, were having an earthquake", I then text my husband and he immediately called to see if I was okay. Boy oh boy what an experience. It didn't last long, but long enough for me to notice something was happening," said Christine Taylor.

"Did you feel the earthquake downtown. It took place at approx 1:53 pm and lasted for a good 40-60 seconds. I'm in the Marriott Key Tower and it felt like a rolling wave," said Christine Dowens.

"Sitting at work in Fairlawn and our whole building was just shaking, my rolling chair was rolling, and it was long enough to be aware of what was going on during. Was there just an earthquake?!" said Sarah.

"We think we just felt a brief earthquake at 155 pm 8/23. Slight shake/wobble of all furniture felt. check it out?" said LBird in Burton.

"We just had an earthquake here in Akron. WE are here in a hospital in Akron and felt the quake. Pretty significant. Just spoke to parents in Central City PA and they felt the quake as well," said Carrie in Akron.

"I live 2 miles south of Greenwich Ohio...on Baseline Rd. [about 16 miles north of Mansfield, Ohio] We are classified as "north-central Ohio". It is approximately 75 miles to Cleveland, and 75 miles to Columbus. My daughter lives next door....we both felt the earthquake," said Nancy Paramore of Shiloh.

"I'm in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada – about 2 ½ hours' drive north of Toronto – and I felt it. It was slight, but I knew it was an earthquake," said Karen Wehrstein.

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