Violence against woman takes center state of East Side

CLEVELAND - It was a packed house at the Harvard Community Services Center where the safety of women took center stage.

The panel included judges and domestic violence survivors as they discussed safety and solutions for women.

"Domestic violence is an issue that we don't always talk about in full context," said Cleveland Councilman Terrell Pruit. "There are a lot of women and children that are suffering and we often don't take these cases as serious as others."

The forum handed out numerous safety tips for women to take with them to deal with potential situations.

"When walking, make eye contact with individuals when you pass them. Be sure to remember their features in case you need to recall this information later," the hand out suggests. It goes on to read, "Always be aware of where the exit is in a room or building. Try to travel in pairs or groups in well-lit areas."

It also gives woman one piece of advise that should come easy. "Trust your gut," it reads.

The big news of the day was the indictment of Elias Acevedo, facing 293 counts including rape and aggravated murder.

Prosecutors said he is responsible for the 1994 murder of Pamela Pemberton and they have linked him to the death of Christina Adkins in 1995.

"They are feeling a roller coaster of emotions," said domestic violence advocate Linda Reesein references to how the victims' families are feeling today. "They are feeling like they are finally getting some justice in what happened to their relative."

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr said today was a good day for the victims' families and law enforcement. "You know I think it takes us back to Gina, Amanda and Michelle. Once again in this community it's a relief."


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