VIDEO: Police body cam captures arrest of Cleveland judge after alleged attack on wife on street

Mason heard on tape denying suicide attempt

CLEVELAND - New footage has been released of the arrest of Cuyahoga County Court of Common Please Judge Lance Mason after he was accused of brutally beating his wife on a Shaker Heights street.

The Cleveland Police officer who made the arrest was wearing a body cam. Watch the full arrest video above.

On the tape, you can hear Mason denying that he had tried to commit suicide following the alleged assault on his wife.

Mason: It wasn’t my intention ( garbled )

Mason: I was going to kill myself—but…

Police: Were you gonna do that?

 Mason: No, I have guns but I didn’t try to kill myself.

Police: Where are the weapons in the house?

Mason: There’s  weapons—I have a safe that I opened up so you could get to them.  There’s guns in the closet.

Police: We have him with us, he’s in custody, no injuries that we can see.

Mason: There’s a gun on my bed too. There’s several.

Mason was arrested on Saturday, Aug. 2 following an alleged assault against his wife . Cleveland Police arrested Mason at his home without incident.

small arsenal of weapons and ammunition  was located inside of his home and was seized by police.

On another portion of the tape, Mason asks police about his wife.

Mason: How’s my wife.

Police: Huh?

Mason: How is she?

Police: Where is she?

Mason: sighs, that’s my  sister. How’s my wife?

Police; What do you mean how’s your wife?  Where would your wife be?

Mason: She was on--she jumped out of the car.

Police: She’s okay.

Then, as police are escorting Mason to a nearby police cruiser, an officer tells Mason that he is glad that Mason did go through with what allegedly was called in as a "possible suicide attempt".

Police: You know, I’m glad you didn’t. I’m glad you didn’t.

Mason: I couldn’t leave my daughters.

Police: For a lot of reasons.

Finally, a Cleveland Police officer explains to another Shaker Heights officer why Cleveland police were at Mason's home since the alleged assault happened in Shaker Heights.

Cleveland Police: Our dispatcher give it out. There’s a guy who kicked everybody out of the house, he’s got a gun in the house, he’s threatening suicide.

Shaker Heights Police: He committed a domestic violence against his wife in our city and roughed her up pretty well. She’s off to Hillcrest.

Cleveland Police: What now?

Shaker Heights: She’s off to Hillcrest.

Cleveland Police: Then, that explains that.

Shaker Heights Police: So that’s why all the blood is on his shirt.

In an Aug. 6 court hearing, Mason was ruled by a psychiatric doctor as a “low risk to harm himself or others” and was released from jail on $6,500 bond.

Mason was bound over to Cuyahoga County’s Court of Common Pleas.

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