Victims' families in Cleveland deadly chase/shooting react to Ohio AG investigation

CLEVELAND - Following Tuesday's investigation results into Cleveland's chase turned fatal shooting, families of the victims are speaking out about the findings.

Dorothy Sigelmier helped raise her niece Malissa Williams, the passenger in Timothy Russell's car which led Cleveland police on a 22 minute chase on Nov. 29. The high-speed pursuit ended with 137 shots being fired and Russell and Williams dead.

Sigelmier was shocked to hear that 49 of those shots came from one police officer. That was just one fact that came out during Tuesday morning during Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's report.

"He needs to be fired, punished for what he's done," Sigelmier feels.

Both families have hired attorneys to represent them in civil proceedings.

"When an officer unloads his weapon 49 times, on its face, that's unreasonable," said Williams' family attorney David Malik.

"It's like the wild, wild west," explained Tyrone Reed, another family lawyer.

Russell's family attorney, Terry Gilbert, thought the report was disturbing.

"A complete lack of control. It was a real bombshell," added Paul Cristallo, the Russells' other attorney.

Lawyers for both families said if an agreement can't be reached with the city, civil lawsuits will likely be filed.

DeWine's office posted all of the documents related to this case online, which includes interview transcripts, diagrams and other information gathered during the investigation. Check out the files here:

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