Convicted police officer murderer Quisi Bryan found guilty of rape, kidnapping

CLEVELAND - Quisi Bryan, a man convicted in 2000 of killing a police officer, was found guilty of a 1994 rape and kidnapping.

Bryan, 43, was convicted in 2000 for shooting and killing Wayne Leon, a Cleveland Police officer, during a traffic stop  and is being tried for rape and kidnapping after his DNA was matched to that from a 1994 cold case.

Bryan defended himself and cross-examined his alleged victim Tuesday.

"He came from behind me, he put a knife to my neck, he says go in this direction, he took me behind a vacant building and there was a car there, he said get in the car if you scream I'll kill you," the woman testified Tuesday.

"This is probably going to be uncomfortable for you," Bryan said to the woman at the start of his cross-examination.

The Cuyahoga County DNA Cold Case Task Force, organized a year ago to revisit cold case investigations, matched his DNA to a rape from March 15, 1994, leading to his July 31, 2013 indictment on two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping. 

According to prosecutors, the 30-year-old victim told police that she was walking down the street when a man forced her, at knife point, behind a house and into an abandoned car, where he raped her.

The victim testified this morning that, some time after the attack, she saw Quisi getting on a bus. She followed him and called police, but they never showed up.

It was six years later that he was convicted of killing Leon.

He was convicted of kidnapping and one of two counts of rape. His sentencing is scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m.

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