UPDATE: North Royalton speller Ashwin Veeramani eliminated in round 12 of 2014 bee, placed 4th

CLEVELAND - UPDATE: North Royalton 8th grader Ashwin Veeramani was eliminated during round 12 of the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Veeramani placed fourth overall in the competition.

The North Royalton student spelled dépaysé incorrectly during round 12 of the finals.

Veeramani spelled nine words correctly on the live stage including: 

Final round

  • holophote - An optical apparatus.
  • tastevin - A silver wine-tasting cup
  • vorspiel - Musical prelude or overture
  • typothetae - The association of master printers
  • kulturkreis - A culture complex that becomes diffused


The semifinals of the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee are officially over and 12 young spellers have advanced to the Championship final round.

One of those students is speller number 188, North Royalton 8th grader, Ashwin Veeramani

Thus far in the competition, Ashwin has spelled four words correctly on the live stage including: 

     Preliminary rounds

  •      Ingenue - noun - An artless, innocent, or inexperienced girl or young woman.
  •      Botuliform - adjective - Shaped like a sausage.


  •      Daphnean - adjective - Shy
  •      Exticteur - noun - Chemical fire extinguisher.

Although the semifinals concluded with 31 students spelling each of their live stage words correctly, the 12 finalists were determined based on the scores they received on the computer-based tests of spelling and vocabulary they took earlier earlier today.

Ashwin is no stranger to the high pressure surrounding the bee as he watched his sister win the championship in 2010 and he himself finished tied for 33rd one short year ago.

Click here to learn about all 12 finalists.

 Tune in to ESPN tonight at 8 p.m. to watch Ashwin and 11 other young spellers compete in the Championship Finals.


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