Woman jumps from roof of burning home on W. 25th Street in Cleveland onto garbage truck

CLEVELAND - Two trash collectors became heroes Tuesday when their route was interrupted by a house fire on W. 25th Street on Cleveland's west side. 

Seeing the smoke pour out of a house on the 3300 block, Ed Williams and Kyle Cogar quickly turned their garbage truck around to help. 

"I then grabbed the airhorn and started blowing it to wake anybody up if they were sleeping," said Cogar.

That's when they heard a woman on one of the upper floors of the house.

"She's screaming, 'Help, I'm stuck. I'm trapped on the second,' you know, 'I'm upstairs'," said Williams.

So Cogar backed up the his truck trying to get it as close to the burning building as possible while Williams was on the phone with 911.

"As we got him as close as possible," he said. "The lady had actually broken out of the window at that point and was hanging on by the window and she was on like a ledge."

"I realized that the flames had started to come into the room where she was," Williams said. "And at that point it was time, she needed to jump."

By this time, two men joined Cogar and Williams and climbed onto the garbage truck. But when the woman jumped into one of their arms, both fell off the top of the truck to the ground below.

"I know it wasn't the exact result we were hoping for but I think having the guy there to at least try and help catch her--I think it helped break the fall where it wasn't as bad," said WIlliams.

The woman was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center and is in stable condition.

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