Turkey vultures swoop into busy Cleveland street; Neighbors take pictures and cell phone video

Heat wave adds to vultures good sense of smell

CLEVELAND - When 7-year-old Angelo Turner put on his Angry Birds shirt Tuesday morning and went for a bike ride, he never expected to see an angry bird.

Angelo ran and told his dad he saw some roosters because the large birds had red heads. His dad, Eddie, saw the big birds too.

Buzzards were busy circling Leroy Street on Cleveland's west side. That's when Eddie Turner got out his phone and took some video. Other neighbors took pictures too.

The birds preyed on a couple of dead squirrels in a vacant lot. But as ominous storm clouds approached, it seemed everyone including the turkey buzzards took cover.

Amy Lemonds with the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center in Bay Village said blame the heat for the birds' appearance in the city.

Buzzards have a great sense of smell and in this heat, they quickly sensed a dead animal, swooped in and did what vultures do. Buzzards are scavengers and rarely hunt live animals.

Turkey buzzards, also known as turkey vultures, have wing spins similar to eagles, between six and eight feet.

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