Tremont community works together to rescue stray pets

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Organizations and business owners in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood are working together to get strays off the streets and into safe homes. Anne Ries said she loves her dog Juniper. The black Labrador went through a lot before Ries adopted her.

"She was really sick. She couldn't eat anymore, she had like asphalt in her paws," Ries said.

Someone picked Juniper up near the steelyard and got her some help.

"They found out later that she had been with the APL then she got passed around and then she was just a stray and  Second Hand Mutts took her in and she paid for all her vet bills," said Ries.

Owner of Second Hand Mutts non-profit organization, Becca Riker, said they offer overnight boarding, training, grooming, as well as daycare.

She said she started the organization because she couldn't stand seeing dogs tied up as if no one cared, running the streets with no place to go.

 "By us getting the dogs off the streets, getting them vetting, including spades and neuters, that stops the overpopulation of pets," said Riker.

Cleveland Animal Protective League gets strays after they're taken in and treated at city or county kennels.
CEO Sharon Harvey said they make sure the animals have a new home.

 "We're constantly having dogs adopted out, we go over to the city kennel every single day and bring dogs over to go up for adoption. This is where the community can really be part of the solution for these animals that end up without homes," she said.

Ries has had Juniper for three years now and she said it's a big responsibility.

She said she thinks people get animals for the wrong reasons and become overwhelmed. "I think people just need to understand that it's a big commitment and animals need a lot of attention and care, and so people don't always know that," said Ries, "You have to be ready to put in the work, you can't just pass it off if it is hard."

 On Your Side, in Cleveland, Shay Harris, Newschannel 5.

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