Tree planted at home of Gina DeJesus, relatives of Michelle Knight visit Gina's mother

CLEVELAND - There are signs of a new beginning at the Cleveland home of Gina DeJesus.

The Guardian Angels took down hundreds of balloons Friday afternoon minutes before heavy thunderstorms rolled through Cleveland.

The grass was cut and then a tree was planted in the front yard by a landscaper.

A relative tied ribbons on the budding tree as Gina's mom Nancy Ruiz stood nearby watching.

A few minutes later, the grandmother and a cousin of Michelle Knight showed up at Gina's house and waited on the sidewalk.

Gina's mom, Nancy Ruiz, came out and gave them a hug.

There was some talk that Michelle Knight, who was released from Metro Health Medical Center Friday, would be staying with the DeJesus family,

A family member said that's not true, but said they want to help Michelle Knight any way they can.

Knight left Metro and didn't offer where she was going next.

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