Tighter security could be coming to a theater near you

Security experts predicts metal detectors, lockers

CLEVELAND - A local security expert is predicting that we're about to see another round of security tightening. 

SACS Consulting President Tim Dimoff said Tuesday that the increased security will come at movie theaters, churches and any other venue where there are large gatherings of people.

"We are being inundated with calls to come in and upgrade the security protocol and the processes," Dimoff said, "and one of the largest increases we're seeing right now is from different types of religions and religious organizations."

Dimoff was interviewed by NewsChannel5 following the arrest of a North Ridgeville man police said carried a bag full of weapons into the "The Dark Knight Rises" at the Regal Cinema at Crocker Park Saturday night. That same weekend, a man opened fire on a worship service at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

"You're not going to be able to bring hardly anything, if anything, into any kind of venue," he said.

"They may come up with a series of lockers that you can put stuff in but you're not allowed to bring those items on the premises of the facility. You're going to see an increase in private security, law enforcement, secondary employment by law enforcement. An increase in cameras and most likely we're going to see some increase in detection equipment, metal detectors, bomb detection type stuff."

Dimoff said the frequency of shootings is increasing, there's a danger of copy cats and the only answer is stronger diligence.

"People are going to have to start to accept the fact that there is going to be more security, more inconvenience and less freedoms to attend these types of events," he said.

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