The Cuyahoga County Missing Persons unit is making progess on missing persons cases

CLEVELAND - The Cuyahoga County Missing Persons Unit has helped determine the whereabouts of hundreds of missing persons in Cuyahoga County since the unit launched late last year.

“I look at their faces every day, I read over every name that’s missing every day, so that I can keep it fresh in my mind that something is being done to try to help recover these citizens,” said Tanisha Knighton who heads the missing persons unit.

The unit launched in November with about 600 missing persons. Today, there are 137 missing persons. Knighton said the unit closes cases when persons are found alive, deceased or have returned home.

What helps to determine the whereabouts of missing persons is the unit’s website ( ).

“Anyone who goes on our website can see all of the people that we have missing here within Cuyahoga County,” said Knighton.

On that website is Michael Hodge.

“He just left,” said John Hodge, Michael’s brother. “He rode off on a bike and no one ever saw him again.”

It was 10 years ago when 39-year-old Michael Hodge went missing. Hodge had stopped by his father’s house to pick up a coat near the intersection of 172nd Street and Puritas Avenue. He was on his way back to a house party down the street. Whether he made it there is still a mystery.

“I think someone knows more than what they’re withholding from what happened that night,” said Hodge.

Hodge and his family said they desperately want to know what happened to Michael, a man they describe as loving and fun.

“I think there’s still a sliver of hope that Michael could be alive,” added Hodge.

Any tips about missing persons can be made anonymously on the missing persons website or by calling the Cuyahoga County Sheriff at 216-348-2432.

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