Study: Ohioans like Columbus, but not Youngstown

CLEVELAND - A recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling shows that Ohioans generally like all of their prominent cities—except Youngstown.  Just 22 percent of polled Ohio voters see the city positively, while 34 percent registered a negative opinion.

The most popular city in Ohio? Columbus—According to the poll, 57 percent see Columbus as favorable, while just 15 percent do not.  Columbus slightly edged out Cincinnati (51-17).

The rest of Ohio's most populous cities ranked as follows:






The poll also indicated that women view Cleveland (41-27) and Youngstown (24-27) much more highly than do men (36-40 and 20-41, respectively). Other cities had smaller gender gaps.

The poll also looked at preferences among political party lines.  

Clevelandand Youngstown were found to be the most polarizing: Democrats see Cleveland positively by a 27-point margin, while Republicans see it negatively by 12 points and independents by seven.

Democrats liked Youngstown by five points, but Republicans dislike it by 21 and independents by 26. In Toledo, Democrats favored the city by 30 points and Republicans only by one point.

The entire analysis can also be found the Public Policy Polling website:

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