Student at Cleveland's West Park Catholic Academy accused of threatening to kill teacher

CLEVELAND - A 15-year-old student at West Park Catholic Academy is facing expulsion after police say she threatened a teacher on Facebook.

The principal of the school, located on Puritas Avenue in Cleveland, was alerted to the post by a concerned parent and contacted police on Jan. 3.

"I'm going to blow up this school, but I'm going to save (the teacher) and watch her burn, then I'm gonna beat it outta her, then kill her… I'm gonna smash ur face flatter then it already is," the student posted on Facebook, according to the police report.

West Park Catholic Academy said it was determined that there was no threat to the school after the police conducted their investigation. Parents were notified of the situation and the student will be expelled in accordance with the school handbook, the academy said.

The 42-year-old teacher mentioned in the post will press charges against the teen girl, the police report said. The student also faces charges for aggravated menacing and telephone harassment.

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