'Stand your ground' law that created uproar in Florida could be on its way to Ohio

CLEVELAND - Is Florida’s ‘Stand your ground’ law coming to Ohio? One northeast Ohio lawman thinks so. 

“I would make that prediction that if we pass this bill [into law], there will be some folks who misuse this bill and get away with it,” said Cleveland Ward 10 Democrat Bill Patmon.

The Ohio General Assembly bill coming out of the House is similar to Florida’s ‘Stand your ground’ law, which made headlines after the death of Trayvon Martin. It would make it much easier to get a concealed carry permit by reducing the hours from 12 hours to only 4.

House Bill 203 would also eliminate the requirement to retreat before firing a gun in self-defense.

“It will allow people,” said Patmon, “Not just to defend themselves, but if they see something happening as somebody trying to act violently, they’re allowed under this bill to use deadly force.”

Michael Cooper, owner of GG Gun Supply, LLC in Elyria, thinks the bill is good and protects law abiding gun owners. “I’ve seen a lot of people that were anti-gun, suddenly become pro-gun because of a crime that was committed against their person.”

The Bill passed last winter and is still in committee in the senate.

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